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ID: recgXZemSDo2o2vMx
Posted: 2021-07-13T16:03:00.000Z
For: adidas
Category: social media / content

Social Media Freelancer gig at adidas

Any Social Media freelancers in the network want to take on some work over at adidas Originals?

I'm looking for someone (asap) to take on an exciting project until the end of this year!

Drop me a message if interested.

This is a goodjob - the freelancer who does the work will get half of what the client paid to advertise the job, even if they don’t find the role via us.

Know someone right for this job? Forward this on, and encourage them to sign up at

PS. We’ll only ever send a maximum of one email a day, but you can follow us on twitter for immediate posting of all jobs we get, and on the Leapers slack.