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Posted: 2021-09-22T10:13:00.000Z
Category: strategy / innovation

Comms Strategist for Digital Play Experience

The LEGO Agency, LEGO’s global in-house creative agency based in Billund, Denmark with offices in London, Enfield, Singapore and Shanghai, is on the lookout for a senior communications strategist freelancer.

We will need your strategic expertise in helping launch a test pilot for one of LEGO’s new digital-led play experiences. You’ll be working with a team of creatives, content specialists, designers, developers and marketers to come up with new and exciting ways to launch an innovative experience for the brand. This will allow you not only to make an impact on the communications side of the project, but will also put you at closer proximity with marketing and product/experience design.

Ideally, you would have extensive experience in digital and communications strategy, and preferably, have experience working in categories that are led by digital-first consumer journeys and experiences (tech, mobile, gaming, entertainment, start-ups for example)

A preference for getting your hands dirty and working closely with creatives, as well as a knack for simplifying the complex will definitely be needed to thrive.

The work period is currently scoped for 2 months (Start date is around October) with the possibility of extending to Q1 2022 if the need arises. Most of the working team will be based in Billund,Denmark but we are open for remote working provided it’s on similar timezones (i.e. Europe). This is expected be a full-time position at 5 working days a week, but we are very open to negotiate this if there are challenges. In terms of day rates, we’re looking at talent that ranges from 350-450 GBP

Interested applicants can send their CVs to us (see email below) Portfolios are also welcome!

For more information: [email protected]

duration: 2mth

dayrate: 350-450GBP

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